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Peace Legal is a full-service law firm providing premium and legendary legal expertise to clients.


With coverage all over Alberta, Peace Legal is known for the provision of top-notch legal services to clients. Our ethos is founded on tripartite principles: Quality Service Delivery; Excellence, and Professionalism.


Our legal team is second to none and we ensure all hands are on deck on every file while diligently defending our clients’ interests.


As a client-centric law firm, we ensure that our clients are at the center of our business philosophy, operations, and professional ideals.


We are result-driven as we strive to always confront challenges while providing tailored, uncompromising legal solutions regardless of the complexity of issues.


Our areas of practice include Family Law, Criminal Law, Immigration and Refugee Law, Personal Injury Law, Real Estate Law, Employment Law, Child Welfare, Fertility Law, and Wills & Estates Law.


We have successfully represented clients who are happy and have attested to our quality of work.


Please, always remember that our overall interest is to give you legal peace of mind.


Contact us today. You will be convinced.

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